Jillian Sweeney

Jill began her color guard career at the age of 7, with the Braintree Braves. After a year, she joined Automation and was an active member for 6 years. Her love for guard never diminished, she continued attending shows. She started bringing Macayla to shows when she was 5. Macayla began when she was 9 but Jill inspired her early and has had her spinning since she was 6. Truth be told, Jill’s a spinning machine!

David Lefebvre

Dave joined us in the 2014-2015 season. He’s absolutely amazing and a very welcomed addition to our team. More details about his experience to follow… stay tuned!


Macayla Sweeney

Macayla joined us as a coach in the 2015-2016 season after 3 years of being a member of All Saints Color Guard.  She is currently a member of Blessed Sacrament Open Guard and we absolutely love watching her perform.  We are thrilled that she has chosen to dedicate her time to help develop the All Saints Color Guard members into future stars.  She currently performs in NESBA and WGI competitions.  She is truly an inspiration to our members!

John Dooley

John’s background coming soon!

Jackie Gaffney

Jackie’s background coming soon!


Jillian Sweeney – Director

Amy Gabriel – Treasurer, Social Media and Web Presence

Trina Pickering – Secretary and Fundraising


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