In May of 2018, All Saints Color Guard joined the Blessed Sacrament Colorguard family.

All Saints History remains:

The All Saints Color Guard is a non-profit, independent, organization, started in 2002 and continues to be supported by Saint Albert “The Great” Church of Weymouth.

The All Saints Color Guard is comprised of hard-working, dedicated families from Weymouth, Whitman, Abington and other surrounding towns.

We accept girls and boys ages 3 through 16.  For more information about our programs, please visit the ‘Programs‘ section of our website.  Our coaching staff are former EMASS and NESBA instructors and former and/or current competing members. All Saints is a member of NESBA organization.

Our open registration period for each season begins in the Spring and closes on August 31st. We have summer skills practices in June, July and the beginning of August.  Our closed, members only, practices for competition season run from the end of August through March.  Competitions are held during February and March.

To contact the All Saints Color Guard please email: allsaintscolorguard@gmail.com or call/text Program Director, Jillian Sweeney (781) 535-7087.

Thank you.



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