2015 Banquet

Last night, All Saints Color Guard, coaches and families gathered to celebrate the 2015 season.  It was a beautiful evening, thank you to all that were a part of it.

Thank you to our fantastic coaching staff for making a difference with our girls.  You work so well together and it’s been a special priviledge getting to know each of you.  

I’d like to thank our efficient mat crew. We are a small team with limited parent power.  Our mat team works as a cohesive unit and has that floor ready to go.  At the end of the performance, it quickly and neatly gets folded and removed.  Kudos to a job well done here.

I’d like to thank the board members for their extra time and dedication to allow the team and coaches to be successful.  For example, last evening came together where everyone just took charge of a small piece, we trusted each other to get it done, and it was successful for us.  

After all these contributions, this doesn’t leave many people out because we are so small.  But, I need to thank our parents and families.  Thank you for participating in the fundraising events, helping out at practice and allowing your girls to be there.  THANK YOU!

2015 was wonderful.  Stay tuned for summer schedules and events!



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